Quality since 1903

The business was originally formed as a cloth manufacturer and converter in 1903 under the name Bulloch, Cowell & Company.

Glen Appin of Scotland designs its own products and arranges their manufacture. 

We are well-known for our Harris Tweed bags and accessories and traditional tartan children's clothing but we offer a very varied product range which includes Tartan bags, purses and accessories, stoneware, napkins, pet products and the largest selection of Scottish tea towels. 

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Hand bags and Accessories 

Glen Appin of Scotland is well-known for our extensive range of Harris Tweed bags and purses and matching accessories in bright and lively colors.

500ml Bamboo Coffee Mug

Xmas Decorations Snowman

Hand Painted Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration - 75mm

Xmas Decorations Heilan' Coo

Hand Painted Highland Cow Christmas Tree Decoration - 75mm

Xmas Decorations Scotland

Hand Painted Scotland Scenery Christmas Tree Decoration - 75mm

Bannock Round Bag SkyTartan

Baseball Cap MacLeod Tartan

Baseball CaP Rust Check

Bowling Bag Kilbride Col 15 Macleod

Bowling Bag Kilbride Col 46 MultiColorTartan

Bowling Bag Kilbride Col 79 Green and Purple

Harris Tweed 'Naver' Backpack

Harris Tweed 'Naver' Backpack with contrasting sides and front pocket.

Spey Tote Bag in Grey and Red

Tote Bag in Skye Tartan

Harris Tweed

'For centuries the inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, on the islands of Lewis,

Harris, Uist and Barra, have handwoven a beautiful and intricate cloth the world knows

simply as Harris Tweed. In Gaelic it is called ‘Clò-Mòr’ or ‘Big Cloth’.

Originally the handmade cloth was woven by crofters for their own use or sold at local

markets. It was ideal protection against the colder climate of the North of Scotland.

By the end of the 18th century finished handmade cloth was exported to the Scottish

mainland and traded along with other commodities produced by the islanders such as

goat and deer hides.


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