At these events you will see us:


Pipers Trio Competitie te Hamme (Belgium), March 16th

Pipe Band Championships PEINE (Germany), May 4th and 5th

Bagpipe Championships Goch  (previously Xanten) June 15th and 16th

Pipe Band Championships Angelbachtal (Germany),
July 12th and 14th

MacLaren Highland Gathering Wuppertal(Germany),
August 31st/ September 1st

Celtic Days - Thy Le Chateau (Belgium),  September 6th - 8th

Scottish Weekend Alden Biesen (Belgium) September 13th - 15th

Pipe Band Championships Trebsen(Germany),
 September 20th-22nd

Whisky Festival, Hulst/Clinge (Zeeland - NL)

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