Bagpipe Hygienic Spray

BandSpec Hygiene Spray. Mouthpiece and Pipe Bag Sterilizer.

Pipers are urged to clean their instruments. Your bagpipe mouthpiece, pipe bag, drone reeds, reed protector and chanter reed should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of yeast and other harmful pathogens.

Drone Valves

The tension on the quick stop drone valve is screw adjustable giving greater accuracy and once properly installed to suit your blowing strength the Quick Stop Drone Valves should ensure that you strike your bagpipes in without difficulty, provide a steady flow of air to your drone reeds and close tightly when pressure is released to ensure a clean 'cut-off'.

Swivelneck Blowpipe, Flexi-stick

Airstream Blowpipe

De originele ovale Airstream Blowpipe. Keuze uit 3 lengtes.


Brushes voor het onderhoud van je pipes.


Tuning tape voor het afplakken van de chanter

Rubber corks

Rubber Corks




Reedprotector R.G. Hardie

Replacement Valve Airstream

Vervangklepje voor de Airstream. Rood of Wit. Past NIET op de Flexistick.

Replacement Valve Flexistick

Vervangingsterugslagklepje voor de Flexistick. Past NIET op de Airstream.


Origineel terugslagklepje. Om mee in te binden aan de Blowpipe. Koperen staafje en rubber klepje.

Moose Valve

De originele Moose Valve

Tizip Gel

Airtight Seasoning

Airtight Seasoning feeds and preserves leather pipe bags, absorbs moisture providing a rich resonant tone to the instrument. It guarantees to make any leather bag airtight, used by the top pipers and pipe bands in the world. The Choice of Champions!!

Hemp (Black/Yellow/Waxed/Unwaxed)

Airstream Replacement Rubber