Hardie Bagpipes RGH01-Value Pack!

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RGH01 Bagpipes Features:
Plain Combed African Blackwood
Plain beaded nickel ferrules 
Imitation ivory ring caps, ring cap bushes and projecting mounts.
5 year guarantee 

Value Package includes Canmore synthetic pipe bag, Ezeedrone Drone Reeds, Plastic Pipe Chanter with reed and protector, Cover and Cords, Tutor Book, Piper Case, Stock and Drone Corks, Cotton Brushes, Yellow Hemp and Black Waxed hemp.

Due to demand there is currently a 4-6 week lead time on this product.

R.G. Hardie Bagpipes made from African Blackwood are the choice of military pipe bands and proudly owned by pipers worldwide. They have their own unique look, available in a variety of affordable models making them ideal for beginners and those who take piping seriously. Bagpipes made to the highest standards by master craftsmen.

Enjoy the beauty of our hand crafted Blackwood. Our innovative plastic lining system protects the inside of the wood from the stresses and strains caused by moisture. Plastic lined blowpipe and blowpipe stock is now available on all our bagpipes.

Each set comes with R.G. Hardie and the year of manufacture engraved on the Bass Stock